An efficiency scheme for MEC Offloading Problem based on the PSO algorithm


  • Hoang Trong Minh PTIT


Mobile Edge Computing, Offloading problems, Heuristics Algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimization.


Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is crucial to the aim of integrating the Internet of Things with 5G and forthcoming core technologies. MEC not only acts as an extension of cloud computing for the sake of data distribution but also provides local computing, ensures privacy, enhances system security, and improves system reliability. Particularly, the problem of system offloading is vital for data processing, computation, and security paradigms. Due to its multi-objective and multiconstraint characteristics, this problem falls inside the NP-Hard domain. Specifically, offloading tasks must concurrently achieve two objectives: energy saving and latency restriction. Hence, the heuristics approach has been a beneficial approach for both research and deployment objectives. The study will present a particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm-based offloading scheme to address the identified problems. The numerical
simulations presented in this paper will indicate that our proposal is more efficient than that of the previous proposal.