A Novel Offloading Schedule for Mobile Edge Computing Systems


  • Hoang Trong Minh PTIT


Mobile Edge Computing, Linear programming, D2D communication


Consider as a 5G beyond technology, edge computing technology has attracted a lot of research due to its ability to provide distributed computing, optimize energy, and improve processing speeds for terminals. The
core advantage of edge computing is originated from the sharing of computational tasks between devices and access devices at the network edge. In which, an offloading strategy for other mobile devices can reduce the amount of executed tasks on the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) device. This approach enhances the performance of an edge computing network in latency and processing time aspects. However, with multiple constraints, this problem is a kind of NP-Hard problems. In this paper, a novel offloading schedule is proposed to optimize the overall energy of joining devices while still satisfying the conditions of latency constrain and
computational requirements. The proposed algorithm is evaluated by numerical results that prove certain advantages of this proposal.