Dynamic Routing Protocol And Delivering Scheme For Multievent Wireless Sensor Network


  • Nguyễn Thị Thu Hằng


dynamic routing, event driven routing, QoS, multievent, wireless sensor network


In multievent wireless sensor networks (WSN) like smart kindergarten, forest fire alarm system, environmental monitoring system, industrial automation, events have different QoS (Quality of Service) requirements such as reliability, latency. Most of researches in this area have just dealt with one or two QoS requirements or one QoS requirement with several priority levels, or with limited types of events, there has not been any research supported multi QoS requirements for multievent WSN. This paper proposes a new solution to meet the new and diverse requirements for multievent WSN called DRPDS. By combining dynamic routing protocol and packet delivering scheme, our proposed solution enables multievent WSN support multiple QoS requirements such as latency and reliability. Our new protocol is implemented in OMNET++, the results show that in our study cases of three event types with different channel packet error rate per hop values, it can dynamically adapt to the different QoS requirement events simultaneously occurring in the network, and achieve better QoS in term of latency (about 20% lower) for lower latency requirement events and packet error rate (about less than 1%) for higher reliability requirement events than other coexisting events.




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