Proposal of further progress towards new generation network - The future of telecommunication network



Today, with the considerable development of science and technology, all aspects of social life from lifestyle to everyday consumer demand are all concerned with Internet and communication. The telecommunication (telecom) network
becomes the vital factor which goes with the development of society, has penetrated into and changed almost the ins and outs of mankind from works, entertainments to social influences. However, it is now still short of flexibilities,
transparencies … due to NAT overuse, masschanges, uncomfortable protocols … Hence, it is very necessary to have more researches for future network, on the base of contemporary network accompanied with new requisitions and new
designs which are compatible with today and tomorrow demands. 

The paper has researched the new vision of future telecom network, its effects on human life and society and the charged targets to achieve the NwGN – the future telecom network. The paper still proposes the orientation of progressing  towards NwGN from present telecom network, and from the currently Vietnamese network in particular.





Electronics and Telecommunications

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