Performance of dynamic coarse granular routing-based elastic optical networks


  • Hải Châu Lê Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology


Elastic optical network, spectrum selective switch, routing and spectrum assignment, network control algorithm


In this paper, we study elastic optical networks utilizing multi-granular routing techniques for provisioning dynamic lightpath services. We have developed a cost-effective coarse granular routing-based node architecture incorporating with an efficient dynamic control algorithm for coarse granular routing-based elastic optical network. The developed algorithm is capable of dealing effectively with the coarse granular routing restriction of the developed node architecture in the network to dynamically provide elastic lightpath services. Performance of our developed network solution is extensively and comprehensively investigated by using numerical simulations. It implies that our proposed network solution can be applied effectively to offer a persistent performance in different traffic load conditions. The obtained results also demonstrate that a trade-off exists between the network performance and the hardware reduction, through an intra-node parameter (called group routing granularity), and hence, selecting a proper group routing granularity is crucial in network design and optimization.