Development Of Sdn-Based Wi-Fi Ap Using Openwrt And Raspberry Pi 3


  • Hải Châu Lê Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology
  • Khac-Tuan Nguyen Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Vietnam


Software-defined networking, Wi-Fi access point, OVS, OpenFlow


We have successfully developed a prototype of SDN-based Wi-Fi access point device for IoT communication. The proposed device, that is based on Raspberry pi 3, uses Raspbian operating system, OpenWrt firmware and Open vSwitch software. It is compatible with OpenFlow 1.3 and includes one built-in 100 Mbps Ethernet port. Thanks to taking the advantages of SDN technology, open source software and low-cost mini-computer, the developed SDN-based device has a reasonable cost while it is flexible, scalable and still fully supports advanced network functions. The device also can be deployed as a network device with various functions such as hub, switch, firewall, … which is determined by a controlling program installed in the SDN controller. The AP configuration and its performance have been verified by testing experiments. We have, then, also run an experimental demonstration of Multipath-routing scenario with our developed SDN-based AP for IoT network. The obtained numerical results proved the effective and scalable performance of the developed SDN router for IoT communication infrastructure.

Author Biography

Khac-Tuan Nguyen, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Vietnam

Khac-Tuan Nguyen is a 5th year bachelor student in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology of Vietnam, and is currently an active member of Information network research group of Telecommunications Faculty I in PTIT. His research interests include SDN, NFV, and future network technologies.