Low-Cost IoT and Web Application Solution with Network Security for Food Safety in Vietnam


  • Chan Thai Vietnamese-German University


food safety, vietnam, iot, network security, food production, vietgap


Food safety is a scientific field that involves various practices and analyses at every stage of the food chain. As we have faced several food crises that heavily impacted human health, food safety should be widely adopted to prevent dangerous wellness risks. With the help of the Internet of Things (IoT) and web applications, food quality can be monitored at any point in the supply chain. Moreover, it is now possible to interconnect food producers, transporters, and retailers. Since the quality of food products must be ensured throughout the supply chain, an IoT based low-cost solution and web applications for real-time food tracking and monitoring are presented. In order to enhance protection, a HTTPS connection between the hardware and software will be established and SQL injection is prevented.