Increasing successful rate of handover in wireless cellular networks without reserved channels by channel relaying stratetry


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Channel Relaying Strategy (CRS), handover, reserved channel.


In this paper, we analyse a network model in which using the Relay Station (RS) to relay available channels in cold cell to hot cell for Grade of Service (GoS) improvement. Then, we develop the analyses for the case of heavy congested in the network. In this case, all of channels assigned to cells in a certain area have been occupied to serve the new calls, therefore, there is not any channel reserved for handover call.
This leads to the very high rate of call dropping probability in that area. However, the successful rate of handover in this heavy congested area will be improved significantly when Channel Relaying Strategy (CRS) has been applied. The numerical results shown that the network using CRS can satisfy over 99% of handover channel requests.





Electronics and Telecommunications