Thuật toán lập lịch luồng công việc trong môi trường điện toán đám mây dựa trên phương pháp PSO cục bộ


  • Phan Thanh Toàn DHSP HN
  • Nguyen The Loc


Workflow scheduling, Particle Swarm Optimization, cloud computing, local search


Cloud computing is a new trend of information and communication technology that enables resource distribution and sharing at a large scale. The Cloud consists of a collection of virtual machine that promise to provision on-demand computational and storage resources when needed. End-users can access these resources via the Internet and have to pay only for their usage. Scheduling of scientific workflow applications on the Cloud is a challenging problem that has been the focus of many researchers for many years. In this work, we propose a new algorithm for workflow scheduling that is derived from the Particle Swarm Optimization