DOA estimation method using uniform circular antenna array based on LSTM


  • Thanh Hán Trọng Trường Điện-Điện tử, ĐHBKHN
  • Cuong Tran Manh Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  • Hoa Ngo Thi Thu Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  • Dung Vu Trung University of Economics - Technology for Industries


Direction of arrival, Uniform Circular Antenna, Long-Short Term Memory, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence


The Direction of Arrival plays an important role in wireless communication systems with many applications such as surveillance systems, radars, automatic collision avoidance, and detection systems. It is a critical signal processing problem, and various methods have been developed to optimize its accuracy. In this paper, the Long-short term memory network model is used to estimate the direction of incoming signals for the Uniform Circular Antenna array. The performance of this method is evaluated based on the RMSE parameter and compared with the MUSIC algorithm in different cases such as the deviation of incident angle of radiation sources, and signal-to-noise ratio...