Blockchain Application In Authenticating High-School Students’ Transcript

  • Hung Cong Tran IT Department
Keywords: Blockchain, IPFS, dApp, Ethereum, Smart contract, high school transcript


After completing the High School program, students are received school reports issued by the school where they completed their high school program, and the students get the hard copies of study reports (i.e. certificates, degree, paper of academic transcripts). Therefore, making fake transcripts for illegal purposes can be done easily, quickly and at low cost. In this paper, we propose a model of authenticating student-transcript system based on Blockchain network. This proposal system uses smart contracts (smart contracts) to build a Private Blockchain network based on Ethereum platform, to build decentralized applications - Decentralized Application (dApp), distributed file systems IPFS (Interplanetary File System) .... with these will generate the hash value for each transcript/scoreboard. The hash value of the scoreboard file (file hash) will be stored on the Blockchain network and used in the process of validating the student's scoreboard/transcript quickly and accurately, avoiding the fake scoreboard. With the testing results of hundreds of transcript, that we can easily check the transcript whether true or fake with 100% correction. We can make sure of the accuracy of verification using Blockchain and its application. The testing is still limited but we can extend more, open a very potential perspective of verifying students’ study result.