MSRTIA: A Proposal To Reduce The Response Time For Load Balancing On Cloud Computing

  • Hung Cong Tran Posts & Telecommunications Institute of Technology
  • Thang Ngoc Nguyen Saigon University
  • Duc Trong Kieu Saigon University
Keywords: Cloudlet aggregation value, Max-Min Scheduling, Round-Robin


Cloud computing is a model that provides everything related to information technology in the form of services through the Internet. The primary benefit of it is to save the original system investment cost, optimize the data processing, calculating and storing data. Nowadays, cloud computing faces many challenges in ensuring the quality of service throughout. In which the problem of overloading physical servers or virtual servers of data centers is concerned specially. So as to qualify the above requests, setup an effective load balancing method and using resources with the most optimization is the target which cloud computing wants to gain. In this paper, we propose Max-Min Scheduling Response Time Improved Algorithm (MSRTIA) which calculates the Cloudlet aggregation value of requests then pairs the request with the largest value found with the fastest executing virtual machine (VM). The simulation result proves that MSRTIA has the least response time in comparison with Max-Min Scheduling and Round-Robin algorithms.