Scheduling For Massive MIMO Under Power And QoS Constraints

  • Hung Pham NAEM
  • Bac Hoai Dang
  • Ban Tien Nguyen
Keywords: Massive MIMO, Scheduling, QoS, Power Control


Massive MIMO networks support Quality of Service by adding a new sublayer Service Data Adaption Protocol on the top of Packet Data Convergence Protocol layer to map between QoS flows and data radio bearers. Different services in Massive MIMO networks will have different requirements of QoS. One of the most important requirements is the data rate of service. This leads to a considerable difference in transmit power for various classes of traffic. In this paper, a novel scheduler, termed QoS-Assurance scheduling, is designed and proposed for Massive MIMO which supports QoS with the consideration of the priority as well as the minimum data rate. To guarantee the minimum data rate of each type of service, a minimum transmit power is assigned for each class of traffic per service. Hence, with the other information such as user’s used rate in the past and the priority of traffic, the probability of occupying channels is determined. The simulation results of QoS-Assurance scheduling are compared with that of Maximum Rate and QoS Scheduler. The results show that the QoS-Assurance scheduling can guarantee the minimum rate of service and get a higher useful throughput than Maximum Rate and QoS Scheduler.