MODE: A novel approach for executing data workflow

  • Phan Thanh Toàn
  • Nguyễn Thế Lộc
  • Nguyễn Doãn Cường
  • Trần Đăng Hưng


Workflow scheduling is a big issue in the era of Cloud computing. Basically it is the issue related to the discovering resources and allocating tasks on suitable resources. Workflow scheduling plays a vital role in the system management. Proper scheduling can have significant impact on the performance of the Cloud. In this paper, a novel workflow scheduling called MODE, running on the cloud computing environments, is proposed. The algorithm is built through a comprehensive study and analysis of Differential Evolution strategy with applying the advantages of the Differential Evolution and covers its disadvantages. We propose a Modified Opposition-Based Differential Evolution algorithm for scheduling workflow tasks in the cloud environments so that the execution time of the workflow (makespan) is minimized.

Electronics and Telecommunications