Acoustic detection prototype using GCC-PHAT on micro-controller

  • Nguyen Trung Hieu
  • Phan Hoang Anh
  • Nguyễn Hải Nam
Keywords: GCC-PHAT, STM32F103c8t6, audio direction detection


This paper presents an acoustic directional detect device’s development and design based on the Generalized Cross-Correlation PHAseTransform (GCCPHAT) technique. The topic’s primary goal is to build
a KIT that supports audio processing, including a 4- channel Microphone array and a popular microcontroller, STM32F103c8t6, embedded with GCC-PHAT algorithm to estimate the direction and intensity of the
sound source captured. We also have tested, evaluated, and compared the performance with a sound source localization device on the market. The article focuses on data processing, optimizing computational methods
to enhance performance while overcoming the microcontroller’s limitations.