Performance Evaluation of V2LC System Using Led Traffic Lights

  • Hoa Tung Le Faculty of Telecommunications 1, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology
  • Đặng Thế Ngọc
Keywords: Vehicular visible light communication (V2LC), LED traffic light, communication area.


Vehicular visible light communication (V2LC) is a promising technology that enables intelligent transportation system (ITS). Recently, the classical light sources have been replaced by light emitting diodes (LEDs) on both vehicles and transportation infrastructure, such as traffic lights and road lights. Based on that fact, it makes easier and cheaper to apply V2LC on roads than any other technologies.  In the paper, a LED traffic light is used to transmit data of the next road to vehicles. A two-lane one-way road is considered in order to calculate the values of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), bit-error rate (BER) and throughput of vehicles at different positions on the road.  We define a communication area where a vehicle can receive signal from the traffic light and then estimate the size of communication area based on BER.