Minimising reserved channels to satisfy handover requests for voice calls in mobile communication systems using handover channel relaying strategy

  • NGO The Anh University of Transport and Communications
  • HOANG Dang Hai
  • NGUYEN Canh Minh
Keywords: Channel reservation, Handover, channel relaying strategy


In this paper, the channel reservation in wireless communications systems will be reviewed. Normally, the systems have to save a certain number of channels to deal with the handover requests that resulting from the mobility of users. The great concern is how much bandwidth needed to reserved to satisfy not only handoff rates but also channel utilization. In this research, we try to minimize the number of reserved channels. It is proposed that the system would be reserved only one channel to overcome the concern. The motivation for this reservation scheme is the capability of Handover Channel Relaying Strategy (HCRS) to improve the dropping rate as well as the best effort of networks resource reservation. The simulation results show that HCRS with One Reserved Channel (HCRS-ORC) presented in this reasearch can serve more than 99.99% of handover calls. This is the significant contribution of the paper.